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Blood Roses

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Name:Head Girl
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abel nightroad, abel/caterina, alan rickman, alan rickman's hands, alan rickman's voice, andy lau in leather, anime, anthony wong chau-sang, asian film, bdsm, bella, bellatrix, black leather gloves, bleach, bondage, bottom!lucius, boys kissing, brooding brunettes, cain nightroad, cain/abel, cain/isaak/abel, capslock!harry, category 3 movies, characters with penis envy, claymore, closet land, crucio, dark arts, dark characters, dark magic, dark mark, dark!harry, dark!snape, darkfic, death eater orgies, death eaters, dominatrix, domme!bellatrix, doujin, draco, ero-guro, fanatical fans, fantasy, father complex, femdom, fetishes, fictional serial killers, freedom of expression, geeks, girls kissing, good and evil, guro, haibane renmei, half blood princes, harry abuse, harry potter, helena bonham carter, hellsing, hentai, hong kong cinema, horror, horu, hp, incest, isaak fernand von kämpfer, jason isaacs, judge turpin, kkm, leather boots, leather pants, lm/dm, long hair, lotr, lucius malfoy, lucius wearing leather, lv/bl, lv/hp, lv/ss, magic, magneto, magneto/pyro, magneto/rogue, magneto/xavier, malfoycest, manga, masochists, melody of oblivion, men of power, men on their knees, mesmer, mrs. lovett, non-con, older gentlemen, older men who bottom, one-eyed semes, parseltongue, pervy professors, porn, possessed!harry, psychology, pulling long hair, ralph fiennes, rosenkreuz orden, sadistic!lucius, sadists, saiyuki, science fiction, sectumsempra, sex and violence, sexual innuendo, sexy assassins, sir ian mckellen, slash, slytherin, snape, snarry, ss/hp, ss/lm/bl, ss/lm/dm, ss/rl, ss/rl/hp, straight razors, sweeney todd, sweeney/lovett, sweeney/turpin, switches, teacher/student fetish, top!draco, topping from the bottom, trinity blood, turpin/lucy, ultraviolence, unforgivables, vassalord, villains, violence, violent anime & manga, voldemort, voldemort's billowing robes, voldemort/harry, voldemort/snape, vore, waita uziga, warriors, women wielding swords, women with guns, wong/canto/rickman, yaoi, ynm, yuri
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